Energy wastage can be attributable to unnecessary operations, inefficient equipment, poorly controlled strategies and inappropriate fuels. All these will contribute towards increased capital and operating cost and will give negative impacts on environmental sustainability.

At IBEX Energy SdnBhd (IESB) we highly subscribe to a holistic energy management that leads not only energy savings but also contributes towards environmental sustainability. We are committed in our support of the Government’s call under the Utilization and Environmental Objectives of National Energy Policy (1979) to promote efficient utilization of energy, elimination of wasteful non-productive patterns of energy consumption and minimize the negative environmental impacts of the energy supply chain. IESB lauds the Government’s initiatives to further strengthening the formulation of several policies and action plans to address energy concerns i.e. The National Green Technology Policy (2009). It is our mission to play an active role towards achieving these objectives.

With a highly qualified engineering team and an extensive network of associated members comprising of  experts and specialists from diverse professional backgrounds, an excellent combination of working experience on research, consultancy and technology transfer activities for energy efficiency and optimization, we are committed to deliver energymanagement services and programs best practices in Malaysia and globally.


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